About Me

Ciao! I'm Pakistani currently residing in Italy. I was that guy who didn't use to drink water itself, and now even I can wash the dishes very cleanly😅 My mom is a wonderful cook, I grew up eating delicious food, Alhumdulliah. But my parents rejected me as a chef because I wasnt able to make jalebi😭. On 18th May 2023 first time ever I baked a cake. TBH womens do really hardwork just to cook food for us but in reward we don't give anything to them. So the pinkish layout is dedicated to all the women's and specially those who don't get their reward. I don't usually eat outside because its cheap, fun and therapeutic to make at home, until and unless its shawarma😅. I created this account to share my baking adventures, to escape from everyday routine and occasional baking flops with you guys, So Khobzaifa is made.